01 Foreword to technical security

Course Description

As a cybersecurity professional you will often find yourself with unrestricted access to other people’s information. It may be personal, corporate or professional secrets. It is our duty to maintain confidentiality of this information at all costs, and only share it with our clients, authorities and colleagues as per the rules and regulations of data custody set down by yourself or your organisation.

Moreover, you will often be tasked with testing the security of your clients systems for which you will have to employ offensive computing skills to test weaknesses in systems or networks in order to report the flaws to your employers or clients. There is no regulatory body that regulates the practise of these skillsets, hence it is always up to the professional to draw their own boundaries and define what is right and wrong. This definition is of paramount importance to a security professional. Without ethics, a hacker skillset can often lead to criminal activity.

This course will elaborate on these foundational principles of ethics and give students a good starting point upon which to base their career.

During our courses you will learn skills of offensive computing. We strongly urge our students to never step outside the boundaries of ethics and law. However we cannot enforce this upon our students and therefore declare that we are in no way responsible for our students’ actions. Our intent is only to build stronger security professionals, and in order to do that we need to make our students adept at skills & techniques used by attackers.

Who is this course for?

  • Aspiring Cybersecurity Practitioners
  • penetration testers
  • cybersecurity auditors

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Pre-Requisite Knowledge: 


What you will learn

  • Legal direction
  • Ethical and moral compass for future work

Professional prospects

After completing this course, a student of sound mindframe should be in a position to safely continue pursuing practical cybersecurity skills

This course includes :

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