Securing the Workforce

Course Description

People are the most important resource of an organisation. Without the right training, the human layer can often be exploited and used as a powerful malicious tool against the very organisation itself, however with the right training the people of an organisation can be the strongest line of defense against cyberattacks.

Organisations of all sizes fall prey to cyberattacks each day. Even companies with comprehensive cybersecurity strategies in place have suffered compromise.

Whether your organisation has a solid cybersecurity strategy in place or not, this course will help fortify the human layer and protect your organisation. The course is geared towards end users, and is not technical in nature. The modules and videos are easy to understand, and the exercises are easy to follow.

Who is this course for?

  • Executives working for corporate organisations
  • Employees in small and medium businesses
  • Business owners
  • Anyone wanting to secure themselves while using the internet
  • HR and training depts.

course stats

  • Duration : 4 – 5 hrs
  • Technical difficulty : Beginner
  • Languages : English
  • Requirements : Technical
    • Computer with an internet connection
    • Smartphone (optional)
    • Operating system : Windows/Mac OS/Linux/Unix/Chrome OS/Android/iOS/ or any modern operating system with a GUI
  • Requirements : Knowledge
    • Basic operating system and computer knowledge
    • Browsing the internet
    • Email
    • Microsoft Office or Equivalent : Basic usage

What you will learn

  • Motives and Methods of Cyber attackers
  • Identifying social engineering attempts
  • Identifying and preventing malware
  • Phishing – A comprehensive introduction
    • Email
    • Mobile
    • SMS
    • Phone
    • Website
    • App
  • Best practices
    • Portable device usage
    • Browsing the internet
    • Password policies
    • Public WiFi
  • Social Media Management
  • Your digital footprint
  • Computing at home
    • Wifi Networks
    • Family and smart homes
    • BYOD and overlapping Personal/Business Data
  • Preventing physical intrusions and attacks (data breaches)
  • Reporting an incident

Professional prospects

This course will be of great benefit to any modern day employee, manager or executive across a variety of industries.

This course includes :

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