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ECCC Foundation is a think-tank – a non-profit organization with the main goal of promoting a concept of knowledge for society and digital key competences. By its activities, ECCC Foundation forms part of European actors encouraging wide development of information society. It comes under the European Commission which is the executive branch of the European Union.

The ECCC Foundation has created and implemented the ECCC DigComp certification standard based on the European Commission’s:

  • DIGCOMP : A Framework for Developing and Understanding Digital Competence in Europe, Joint Research Centre, 2013    DigComp
  • DigComp 2.0 : The Digital Competence Framework for Citizens, Update Phase 1 : The Conceptual Reference Model, Joint Research Centre, 2016    DigComp 2.0
  • DigComp 2.1 : The Digital Competence Framework for Citizens with eight proficiency levels and examples of use, Joint Research Centre, 2017    DigComp 2.1

Now ECCC is known as the European Digital Competence Certificate, however the original ‘ECCC’ foundation name remains the same.

The ECCC certificate is an initiative supporting development of digital society in Europe and around the World.

ECCC India provides standards, experience and courses with an Internationally accredited certification.  India has always been a powerhouse provider of technically skilled human resources to the world. Going forward, this international demand for technical  skill-sets from India is on the rise, and ECCC India is here  to provide the training and certification necessary to ensure quality and standards.

The European Digital Competence Certificate is an internationally recognised standard that provides assurance, standards and objectivity in skills development and certification.

KUL University

ECCC India Inauguration

Launch and inauguration ceremony of ECCC (European Digital Competence Certificate) in India. Formal launch of Jasper. Edu online education platform for certificate courses, in technical studies, computer education and cybersecurity.

ECCC India Inauguration

Foundation goals

ECCC Foundation implements its goals by

Promotion and dissemination of digital key competences.

Providing research on digital competences.

Co-operation and good practices exchange with national and European organisations of similar profile.

Promotion of IT education and acquiring digital key competences.

Support of local initiatives and activities connected with digital key competences.

Development and implementation of European Digital Competence Certificate (ECCC) – digital competence examination standard.